WTS: EU: S> Account 5x85, 4x80, 300k+ Gold, Defender of Shattered World

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    Rogue/Warlock/DK/Priest/Paladin all 85
    Warlock is PVE Geared + Almost all Vicious
    Has the Defender of the Shattered achievement = killing all of the new bosses.
    The rest are all PVP geared but not PVE geared.

    80s I have a hunter, warrior, mage and druid.

    I also have 300k Gold + another 100K+ gold in terms of mats etc.
    So around 500k worth with gold and other stuff on account.

    Most of the 85s also have their professions lvled to 500+ or just to 500 for their profession bonuses.

    I have at least 500+ in every profession on either the 80s or 85s.

    I'm looking for a pretty good price on this account as a whole.
    Please no lowballs and message me if there are any questions.

    Thank you.
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