WTS: EU: ROGUE 397ilvl 200e

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    After long 4 years of WoW I'm selling my account's ( my battle.net account ).
    The account contains:
    1x WOW-Cataclysm account
    1x WoW-Wotlk account
    2x Warcraft 3
    1x Warcraft 3 TFT

    The first wow account contains:
    1x Human Rogue 85 5k achievements
    PvP gear item level 397 witch is full cataclysmic set with cataclysm throw(403), ring(403) and trinket. The rogue has as well 4x tier 13 ( 3xRF, 1xNormal ).
    It has a guild with 4 tabs of herbs and valuable staff. 10 exalted reputations and about 10 mounts. The best title probably is the undying or the vanquisher . The rogue has fear and vengeance daggers. In statistics the rogue has 2195 personal rating in 3v3 and 2160 in 2v2, so you should not have problems finding a team or a rated battle group team.

    1x Gnome Warlock 82 with tier 6 brutal etc
    1x Human Paladin 81
    1x Gnome Mage 70
    1x Human priest 50

    The second wow account contains
    1x 80 Dwarf Priest with 310% flying mount from ulduar hard modes witch can't be taken now and as well The Starcaller title.

    Only the first account is currently active.
    I'm selling the account because currently I'm studying computer science and I already lost my first semester so I'm moving on with games and starting to build up my professional career.
    I already got 180e from instant quote so I would like to get at least 200e. And I can assure you that the account is wroth much more.
    The transaction is exclusively done by PayPal.
    Happy bidding to everyone.
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