WTS: EU: Rogue 390IL and 6 x 85 lvl alts ( 1 2)

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    Rogue 390 IL on PvE ,around 387 on PvP gear. 6 85 lvl alts on the account (mage.warrior,dk,priest,lock,shaman) .
    The rogue also has vanity gear for the next patch's transmogrifigation tool + rare mounts like Ravenlord,Corrupted Fire Hawk.Razzashi raptor etc.Lil'teragosa pet + Nightsaber cub pet from WoW TCG Loot and a couple more.
    Also got unobtainable titles like Herald of the Titans,Conqueror of Ulduar etc
    The rogue's race is UD male,but that can be fixed.Also got excellent PvE rep (Ranked top 3 and top 10 on every fight in Firelands) just in case you want to apply to a world top 50 guild.
    Only serious offers plz.contact me for price details and payment methods.
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