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    Level 85 PVP Holydin
    Name: Eyana
    Race: Human
    Faction: Alliance
    Gender: Female
    Server: Bloodhoof EU
    Guild: Asphyxia (Level 25)

    Gear: Full Season 11 Ruthless Gladiators. 2x Cataclysmic 2x Season 10 weapon + Sheild

    Full tier set.

    For all you Arena pvpers (Or casual BG players) this character is geared perfectly for it. 4.4k resi sporting a very nice 43% dmg reduction from other players. Full holy paladin gear set and a great character to start arena with. Grab yourself an arms warrior friend a DK friend hell even a rogue friend and start bombing that rating.

    This account is fresh...it was purchsed for sale in mind. All account details are to hand and the character has only 4days 17 hours play time.

    Still has game time and is ready to go.

    For all you guys and girls that are interested...send me a pm with contact details and we can come to a price. Thanks

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