WTS: EU: Pve/pvp toons 3 level 85 varioWTS: US: level 80's

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    Hey i have finaly decided to sell my wow account. Will be able to talk on phone or skype.
    i allso have a authenticator that i can send. This is a Eu Account

    My first character is my Main Ret/Prot pala with Holy Pvp gear.Horde Female Blood elf
    This account has various Pve titles the most recent is Dragonslayer and a few pvp 1ns allso has about 20k gold.

    My second character is a recently level 85 alt that i have started to do alt runs on. Horde Female Goblin
    This Character is pretty new with only 1 profession close to max allot of BOA gear on this character.

    My third character is a mage that i have used for pvp no real pve gear. Horde Female Orc

    Allso i have a realm with 4 level 80's on it with gear ready to level

    Send me a pm if u want more info or to send me a offer, available on Skype. Thank you for reading
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