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    Hi guys!

    To start off with : THIS account is signed up for the Diablo3 and MoP offer that they have going on at wow-europe

    I have a Protection/Holy paladin being one of my characters I have for sale atm.

    I would like offers to be posted on here, I will get back to you if I think the offer is suitable for my character, I will accept only via PAYPAL.

    If you are after a MM, it will be at your own cost, and will cost you more if I have to migrate the character.

    So to start : The paladin has 372 Itemlevel, it is currently a human male.

    It has 310% flying mount with 89-90 mounts cant remember which. And over 100 companions including some cool ones, I have been playing this character for quite some time ontop of my other toons and have found that I need to start re-collecting my time on WoW. It has in its bank full HOLY and pretty much full retri gear, ontop of other things like tabard and lower tier drops so forth. Some of its holy gear is PvP ( pretty much a whole set for both ) and s2 peices if im not mistaken are ruthless.

    Its professions :

    525 Jewelcrafting - It has almost ALL of the 3 token patterns, and quite a few # gem patterns also ( all the buyable ones and some from vendor )
    525 Blacksmithing - Got the Molten Front daily patterns + the tank boot pattern from Firelands, which also has the mats to make pretty much, has all lower pattern from that aswell almost all from level 80/85 content.

    The character is fully gemmed and enchanted out to the max of its ability, as you will realise with any character I sell in the future also.

    Thanks for reading hope to hear from you guys soon.
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