WTS: EU: Prot warrior (A), Blood DK (H), Resto druid (A), Rogue (A)

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    i am selling my whole account with 4 characters mentioned in the title.
    The mains were actually two - both of the tanks (warrior and DK). My previous char was the druid, which used to be tank in wotlk too.

    I'll just run thru all of them.

    EU PvP realm, high population. 3 characters:

    85 Human Protection warrior with fury offspec.

    -351 average ilvl.
    -Has a Red proto drake, Volcanic stone drake (both from heroic achievements).
    -Maxed JC/mining
    -Ready for most content in game.

    85 Night Elf Druid. Used to be a bear in the good old WOTLK times, resto now.

    -Skinning/LW. Around 500 skill.
    -Around 335 average ilvl.
    -Dualspecced for pve and pvp. Has some blue pvp gear.

    71+ Worgen rogue.
    -epic flying
    -heirloom geared.
    -still playing it from time to time, so the level should increase.

    Another High population PvP realm:

    85 Troll Blood DK:

    -348 average ilvl
    -Volcanic proto drake from cata hero achievement.
    -JC/mining maxed (jc might be missing a few points..520 or so).

    All characters have epic flying (280%).
    Around 1k gold in each of the character.
    ATM the account has about 25 days of playtime.

    Rules regarding the sale:
    -the buyer will receive full account info, including cdkeys and my ID (i'm the original owner of the acc).
    -i will be very suspicious about any paypal payments. Moneybookers is the most prefered, other options available too.
    -no account information will be given out until i receive the payment.
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