WTS: EU: Priest/mage for sale ilvl 391/378 (plWTS: US: sc2)

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    Wow Acccount for sale.

    I've got 2 85's both very well geared.

    1 Holy/Shadow Priest with ilvl 391 (high enough for very end game play) all gear is gemmed and enchanted. 525 Enchanting. Max riding skill, many rare pets and titles. If you know the game well you'll know pve gear this high is hard to come by.

    1 Arcane/frost mage with 378 (good enough to start end game raiding) all gear gemmed and enchanted. 525 talioring/skinning. Max riding skills and also many rare pets and titles. Also includes the 'flying carpet' mount only possible through tailoring.

    There is roughly 10,000 gold across the account. Free with the account comes my advice on how to play and make money. You are free to call me anytime on skype or pop me an email.

    Many other chars at lower levels such as a 66 hunter and 58 death knight. All the way to level 25. You could start playing any stage of the game instantly.

    Everything on this account is eligibal for transfers to different factions/servers.

    It also includes STARCRAFT 2 binded to the account. On this sc2 have reached diamond league if you wanted to start at the most competitive end of gameplay. If you dont you have only to wait till the next season.

    I'm selling CHEAPER than you'll find on website selling accounts but I cant promise I'll undersell.

    If this sounds something that you would like to purchase or you want anymore information get in contact.

    [email protected]
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