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    Hi guys recently I have decided to quit WoW and really want to see my 4 years of hard work go to a good home. My account is TBC wrath and cata enabled and i have been the original owner for all of its life. Ok so onto the characters all of which on Argent Dawn realm.

    Main character is Litamuzu balance druid:
    2/5 T11
    Full pve epic gear and most of a epic feral and resto set in bag.
    Defender of a shattered world achievment.
    Worgen Male level 85.
    Engineering 525/Enchanting 502
    Second best geared boomkin on server.
    Has epic flying.
    Also has touring rocket mount.
    About 80 days play time .

    Here is a list of my alts:

    Uzuu Tauren Male priest level 85
    353 average item level
    Alchemy 525/Inscription 502
    Holy/Disc priest

    Uzupala Male tauren paladin
    349 average item level
    Mining 525/Jewelcrafting 500
    Protection specced
    This character has a very rare mount! Big battle bear loot card mount!

    Maziki Male Troll mage
    level 83
    Herbalism 525/Inscription 505
    Fire/Frost spec

    Uzuktar Male orc Shaman
    level 82
    Skinning 450/Leatherworking 450
    Enhance/Resto spec

    Uzubow Male troll hunter
    level 82
    Engineering 450
    Survival/BM spec

    Grimgari male troll rogue
    level 81
    No proffs
    Asassination spec

    Uzulion Female dranei death knight
    level 72
    Herbalism 450/Alchemy 450
    Blood/Frost spec

    Uzucleave Male Blood elf warrior
    level 72
    No proffs
    Arms/Fury spec

    Phew that is all of that typed up . The account has until 23rd of April in game time. The account also has a full set of heirlooms apart from the new head ones and about 10k gold and about another 8-9k in mats herbs etc. I am quitting as i need to focus on real life and i'll be sad if all my hard work has not gone to a good home.

    Down to business I am looking for 250-300 pounds for this account (400-500 dollars) but am willing to negotiate prices as i would just like to sell it and move on with my life . Payment will be accepted by paypal ONLY and the SQA will only be given after payment is secured like the sticky post advises I really really dont want to be scammed . If you are intrested please PM me and i will talk to you on msn/skype thank you for reading!
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