WTS: EU: Paladin lvl 85 + Alts 135k+ Gold

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    Hi for sale is my account the main toon the account is a Human paladin level 85 Prot/Ret Duel Spec, main spec is prot with min level 346 and quite a few 359 epics. Gearscore with addon is 8515 ret gear is 7650.

    Has over 8k achievement points including 100+ mounts some of the rare mounts include, Sea Turtle, Raven Lord, Razzari Raptor, Deathcharger, Chopper, Red proto drake.

    Profs are max in Blacksmith/Enchanting and all secondary profs are at max including archy.

    Also on the account is a 85 Shaman just dinged few 346 pieces. And 85 Warrior in mainly greens and even some wotlk leveled purely by mining.

    Shaman has JC 518 level and 525 Alchemy. Warriors profs are herb/mining both maxed

    Account has just over 135k in gold earned quite a bit with the prof setup i have.

    Game time expires 20/02/11 realm is on terokkar not the most progressive realm best guild currently stands at 3/13HC.. personal raid standing is 5/12 normal modes within a social guild environment.

    Message me for any other details. Serious offers please and if required will use middleman service.

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