WTS: EU: Paladin 8/9 Tier 3-Scarab Lord-Corrupted Ashbringer

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    Hey .

    Masked Armory Here : .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-49379.html

    Gear :

    Full PvP

    Tier 3 8/9 (Missing Ring)
    Tier 2 8/8
    Tier 1 8/8
    Dungeon Set 1 Complete
    Dungeon Set 2 Complete + Quests Line (Epic Gear)
    Zandalary Gear Complete
    Ahn Quiraj Gear Complete

    Sulfuros,Hand of Ragnaros Legendary Mace , Ashkandi Sword , Corrupted Ashbringer Sword ...

    Titles :

    Scarab Lord
    Guardian of Cenarius
    of the Alliance
    Sergeant Major
    the Diplomat
    the Hallowed
    the Noble
    the Seeker

    Mounts :

    Blue Qiraji Battle Tank
    Zulian Tiger
    Deathcharger's Reins
    Swift Razzashi Raptor
    Zhevra mount
    X-53 Touring Rocket
    List of Obtained Mounts:
    Armored Brown Bear
    Black Battlestrider

    5700 Gold

    is One of the Best Paladin Twinks What i Played and ive See it .
    i Have Full Details : Login , Password , SQ+Answer , Original Vanilla Key + Photo ID .
    Price Ofcourse Will Be # .

    Contact to Cimen5trk@hotmail

    Thanks .
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