WTS: EU: Paladin 60-8/9 Tier3-Corrupted Ashbringer-Scarab Lord-Top10 Best Twinks

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    60 Paladin Account
    8/9 Tier 3
    Vanity Items :
    Full Naxx 40 , Retri , Prot , Holy
    Corrupted Ashbringer Sword
    Ashkandi Sword
    Full Zandalary Gear
    Full Conqueror Ahn Quiraj Gear
    Full Tier 1 - Tier 2
    Full Dungeon Set 1 + 2 Epic

    Title Scarab Lord + Legendary Mount
    Few Titles :
    Guardian of Cenarius
    of the Alliance
    Sergeant Major
    the Diplomat
    the Hallowed
    the Noble
    the Seeker

    For Mounts Check Armory Better :

    is a Great Caracter , Something like rare you see and found .
    Price is 250$

    Contact E-Mail Adress : Ttr_ttr@live
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Thread Status:
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