WTS: EU: NightElf-WARRIOR LvL 85-360 Prot Gear-5/5 VicioWTS: US: Set 3640 Ress PvP ( 1 2)

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    Night Elf Warrior LvL 85


    First Aid 525
    Arheology 525
    Bs 525 (All Recipes)
    Mining 525
    Others Secondary are 300+

    Amount of Gold is 17200

    Feats of Strength :

    Onyxia's Lair (Level 60)
    WoW's 4th Anniversary
    500 Stone Keeper's Shards
    WoW's 6th Anniversary

    Titles :

    Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    The Explorer
    The Kingslayer
    The Patient
    Of the Nightfall
    Assistant Professor

    Mounts :

    Fossilized Raptor
    Albino Drake
    Black Battlestrider
    Armored Brown Bear
    Drake of the West Wind
    Black War Elekk
    Bronze Drake Mount
    Black War Mammoth
    Cobalt War Talbuk
    Brow Riding Camel
    Red Drake
    Tan Riding Camel

    All Tigers from Darnassus
    All Horse from Stormwind
    All Talbuk from Kurenai Rep
    All Rams
    Armored Snowy Gryphone

    + Many Others

    Currency :

    4000 Justice Points / 750 Valor Points / Conquest Points 3008

    Rep Exalted Factions :

    Argent Crusader
    Baradin's Wardens
    Guardians of Hyjal
    Ramkahen The Earthen Ring
    Wildhammer Clan
    Kirin Tor
    Knights of the Ebon Blade
    The Wyrmrest Accord
    Alliance Vanguard
    The Frostborn
    The Silver Covenant
    Valliance Expedition
    + Many Others Revered Almost (More then 20)

    Many Rare Companions :
    Blue ClockWork Rocket Bot
    Clockwork Gnome
    Fossilized Hatchling
    Elementium Geode
    Lil'Smoky Photo
    Drake Whelp
    + Many Others.

    Gear PvP Arms And Fury Awsome
    5/5 Vicious Set
    Weapon from Arena PvP
    Rest of Gear Like : Wrist , Back , Waist , Boots are from PvP Bg's and Arena
    3640 Ressilience
    131k Hp PvP
    A Killing Machine

    Protection Gear is Full Epics , Tier 11 , Weapon , Shield , Best Trinkets for Moment etc
    is a Perfect Gear and Easy to Tank Any Raid , Boss or Heroic Dungeons .

    Alt's :

    Rogue LvL 85
    Mage LvL 81
    Warlock LvL 80
    Hunter LvL 75
    Priest LvL 65
    Shaman LvL 65
    Paladin 61
    Etc Many Others

    Price (Starting Bid is 200Euro)
    Europe Account
    Alliance & Horde Sides

    Original Owner
    Buyer Receive : Photo ID (1or2 or Many) The Original Keys + Vanilla wich was Created , Secret Question + Answer and Ofcourse Acc Login + Acc Password
    All Service is Avaible for :

    Change Caracters to Another Account
    Transfer Server
    Change Name , Sex , Faction , Race .
    Never Problems about Bann , Suspend or Anything .

    Thanks and i Wait Serious Buyers.
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