WTS: EU: Night Elf WARRIOR (Full Epics at All Gears) !!!

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    Warrior Night Elf Female
    LvL 85
    Server Zenedar

    - Titles :

    - Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    - Assistant Profesor
    - Jenkins
    - The Explorer
    - The Kingslayer
    - The Patient

    - Rare Pets :

    - Blizzard Store :

    - Lil' Ragnaros
    - Lil K.T. Lil' XT
    - Moonkin Hatchiling
    - Pandaren Monk

    - Clockwork Gnome
    - Fossilized Hatchiling + Many More

    - Mounts : 310% Speed Mount

    - Bronze Drake Mount
    - Drake of the West Wind
    - Brown Riding Camel
    - Celestial Steed
    - Fossilized Raptor
    + Many Others

    All Factions Cataclysm Exalted .

    As Arms PvP The Warrior is Full PvP Gear
    3400 Ressilience

    As Tank is Full Epics + Heroic Items

    Professions :

    Blacksmithing 525
    Mining 525
    Arheology 525
    First Aid 525

    Fishing 350
    Coking 300 near

    I Have an Vanity Items Like Tier 1 - 10 from All Contents and Rare Items +++

    All Service Avaible for Changes :

    Transfer Caracter to Another Account or Server
    Change Name , Sex , Faction , Race

    Never Dont got any troubles with my Account and im Original Owner

    All Charges for Scroll of Ress and etc are Avaible .

    Buyer Will Receive all the Details :

    Acc Login
    Acc Pass
    Secret Question and the Answer
    Original Keys
    Photo ID

    BONUS ( 7 Months and 24 Days GameTime)

    For More Details Please PM me or Write Here .
    Price is Around 200-250 Euro
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