WTS: EU: My Wow Account 2x85's and lots of alts +Cool stuff with the main charecter

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    Hello Everyone! ^^
    Selling my WoW account. It has 2 x 85 on EU-Kazzak + high level alts levels 68 Druid and a 23 warrior On Sporeggar Realm, 64 Hunter on Al'akir Realm realm , 54 mage and a 33 warrior On Tarren Mill Realm(ALL EU REALMS)

    Kazzak is one of the most popular realms in EU. Alot of players great pve and pvp guilds with still live world pvp.

    Contact info:
    MSN: m_sammor@hotmail
    Skype: Majed Sammour

    Gametime ends: 18/12/2011 But if u buy the account i will give u a free 60 Gametime

    Payment sents to paypal. I need serious offers, no need scammers. Add me to give me an offer.

    EU-Kazzak Realm Horde.

    85 Ele/Resto/Enh Orc Shaman (Got gear all for these Specs Firelands Gear)
    Has mostly pve gear and also pvp Resto Shammy
    Mining 525. Master riding skill 310% flying
    My Shaman is my Main got lots of rare and cool stuff first of all he got the STANDSTONE DRAKE! And the X-53 Touring ROCKET,Swift Zulian panther the new rare 1 from ZG,Swift Brewfest Ram,and Grand Black war mammoth and much more that u can check later.

    85 Tauren Paladin Tank (pve)/Ret (pvp)
    Has Tank pve gear ilvl 361 and also pvp gear with few ruthless pieces approx 375 ilvl
    280% Flying
    This Paladin Got the legendary Item From MC The eye of sulfuros i got the Sulfron hammer on my shammy but idk if u want it i can make it or u can make it when u buy the account.
    He got cool mounts 2 he got the rare timed run mount from ZA Amani battle Bear

    There are many other characters on the account:
    Undead Hunter level 64 in Al'akir
    Goblin mage level 54 in Tarren Mill
    Goblin warrior Level 33 in Tarren Mill
    Troll druid Level 67 In Sporeggar
    Orc warrior level 32 In sporeggar
    *NEW* Orc Hunter level 18 In Kazzak with hairlooms ofcourse because the same Realm of the main he got the bow and leather chest and shoulders, and double hairlooms daggers the leather armor and daggers can be used for my 17 undead Rogue in Kazzak.

    Thanks alot Please if your intrested add me on skype Majed Sammour (m_sammor@hotmail)

    This is't all the information its only the half of it i will be telling you all about it when u add me Thanks.

    For the links PLEASE CHECK DOWN!
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