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    Hello i have quit wow and i would like to sell my account with a level 81 Human Female Mage on Aszune Alliance with all items +251ilvl and Bloodsail Admiral tittle and 9 other tittles also have 300 riding and over 50 mounts including all netherwing drakes also has 525 Herbalism and Mining , i also have a level 75 Undead Male Priest with Brutal Gladiator's gear on Ravenholdt Horde and a level 70 Night Elf Female Death Knight with 450 Alchemy and Jewelcrafting on Aszune Alliance (profession character) i dont want to scam anyone here i am the original owner of the account and am willing to give you accounts e-mail adress, SQA and cd-key's after have recieved the payement.For More Info you can pm me or add me to skype: roflmaomage and send a email to deleted.
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