WTS: EU: multiglad(5x) & rank 1 paladin

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    Hello eGaming Supply users,

    I'm selling a multiglad & r1 85 bloodelf paladin.
    - Season 4, 5, 6, 7 Gladiator and season 8 Rank 1 (Wrathful Gladiator).
    - Nearly 10k achievements with titles such as Wrathful Gladiator, The Undying, Hand of A'dal, Champion of the Naaru!
    - Over 100 mounts and over 100 pets.
    - Special mounts such as: Spectral tiger & Magic Rooster Egg and 5 gladiator mounts.

    Got both PVE & PVP Retribution AND Holy sets.
    Got about 20k+ gold remaining on the account.

    70 Mage twink with brutal gear & the Stone Guard title.
    85 Rogue w/Centurion title
    84 Druid w/Sergeant title


    I'm the owner of the account and got all the information that is required, which means up to and including passport.
    I'm currently accepting BANK payments and moneybookers/skrill ONLY.
    Feel free to contact me for further info, however please post this thread # contacting me. (paardepoot@hotmail)
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