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    Every Wanted To Start Multiboxing And Avoid The Dreadful Grind of Leveling 5 Accounts?


    Well now you can! I am currently no longer interested in playing WoW and I am looking to sell on my 5 multiboxing accounts. Please take your time to read through this offer very carefully Not many offers like this become available!

    All toons on all accounts are available for server transfer, race change etc. All accounts are under 1 battlenet of which I am the original owner. However the name under the account is slightly different to my real name, but the address and other details are all correct to mine and match the details under my TrustWho Verified information.

    Secondly as it stands, gametime is only active on the main account (paladin). The DKs do not currently have any gametime.

    It costs close to ?200 in game codes alone to setup something like this!

    If you are mutlboxing for the first time, I will help you setup the same software I use (isboxer) to ensure its extremely simple for you to get started. I will send you my isboxer config file and you will be ready to go in a matter of a few minutes

    However you will need to purchase isboxer which is currently around $10 for 3 months or something like $40 for a year. Well worth it as its a great piece of software.

    How I currently have things setup, you will mainly be spamming 3 buttons which will heal with the pally and dps with the dks. Easy huh?

    If you want to play the shammys also on the accounts then you will need to set them up to your own play style as I have not played the shammys since WoTLK and I do not have isboxer configured for them. As shammys are casters setting this up is pretty easy.

    Now lets talk about the main team I currently use; 1 Holy Paladin and 4 Death Knights. Alliance with there own level 7 Guild.

    At time of writing 110,000g in the guild bank. The team all have Chopper Mounts (roughly 80,000 gold spent on this) and Red Drake mounts on pally and dks.

    Across the alliance team I currently have the following professions leveled:
    525 - Jewlcrafting (includes 3 epic recipes)
    525 - Enchanting (almost all vendor recipes)
    525 - Blacksmith (all Bloodthirsty Recipes)
    525 - Alchemy (includes Vial of Sands recipe)
    525 - Mining (two toons have this)
    525 - Herb (two toons have this)
    525 - Archaeology (two toons have this)
    525 - Inscribe (this is on an alt under main account)

    As you can see, pretty easy to make tons of gold.

    Main Account: Holy Paladin
    Gear: Please see .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=17355

    Paladin Extras: 'Professor' Title - Fossilized Raptor Mount - Ashes of Al'ar Mount (Extremely Rare from Tempest Keep). In total 10 mounts including chopper. All mounts can be seen from the gear link above.

    Additional Accounts: x4 Death Knights
    Gear: Please see .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=17361
    Note: Gear, Stats, Achievements and mounts are 99% identical across all 4 of the DKs so I have only listed 1 of there profiles.

    Also includes x5 Shamans are on the Horde side of the same server, one of them is 85 (on main account) and the other additional 4 are all 80 and 1% xp from 81.

    While the shammys are fun to play, the DK + pally setup is more powerful and fun to play in Arena/BG's hence why I havent played them since WoTLK.

    Asking price: Open to offers

    If you are an account broker and can help me with the sale of this battlenet account I would also be interested in hearing what you can offer. As stated above, I am TrustWho Verified. I also have a business paypal account in good standing and all details match my TrustWho Verification. However I would prefer not to be paid via paypal to avoid being scammed. This is something I will discuss with interested parties.
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