WTS: EU: Massive account + Starcraft 2 (free)

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    Hey, I am a Uk citizen.
    Looking for any offer

    PM me if interested (I will respond quickly)

    I still have time on my account Until 25 feb
    Account also comes with Starcraft 2 and I have a physical authenticator as well if you want it
    21k gold overall

    I have, All these characters on the biggest Alliance realm (silvermoon)
    A level 85 Druid (main) Epic Archaeology about 12 rares/epics
    A level 85 Hunter (main alt) 297 Engi
    A level 85 DK (sub main alt) 525 mining 490 Jewelcrafting
    A level 80 pally
    A level 80 mage
    A level 80 rogue
    A level 61 Shammy
    I also have A level 85 Tauren DK on another realm

    Various boe's on the account + money in bags
    There are also 2x razzashi hatchlings on the account (can be sold for 10k or so on some realms)
    Most characters have epic flying, 2 have 310%
    My main is quite well geared ( nearly full pvp gear) (good enough gear too for hc's/raiding)

    I am 100% safe, will provide ID/ my FB anything to secure the fact that I am legit.
    I gave up wow a month ago and do not want to go back :P
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