WTS: EU: LVL 85 warrior, PVE epic geared, 9k+ achievement pts, 100+ mounts/companions

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    After four years of playing, I'd like to sell my WoW account as I have other stuff to do atm. Game time runs out at 25/05. I've always been the owner. The characters are all on Talnivarr, very good pvp server, no queues, with a couple of top raiding guilds suchs as Crab People and Numen.

    The main char is a lvl 85 warrior, with dual spec (TG and SMF atm)
    358 ilvl: 14 epics in dps gear (fury TG) + 2 x soul blades for SMF + tank set (mostly blues)
    A lot of old school gear (amongst others 1 Warglaive, legendary from BT)

    Profs: bs and jc (still have 36 tokens, also have the meta str gem). Seconday professions all maxed, I also have the legendary Dirge cooking recipe!!

    9965 achievement points, incl. Cataclysmically epic, Mountain o' Mounts, Lil' Game Hunter, Loremaster, 45 exalted reps etc.

    109 mounts: incl. DARK PHOENIX mount (12/12 cleared with guild), all the rep mounts (Netherwing, Orgrimmar/UC/etc, Nether Rays, Talbuks,…), Sea Turtle (rare fishing mount!!), Brewfest Kodo , Mechano Hog, Glory of icc/ulduar (10), Green Proto Drake (rare drake from the Oracles), Glory of the hero mount, Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth (the big mammoth with vendors), X-53 Touring Rocket, etc etc.

    102 companions, incl Black Tabby Cat, lots of raptor Hatchlings, Magical Crawdad, some Alliance pets, Phoenix Hatchling (MgT pet), Snarly (pet fishing daily), Wind Rider Cub (not available ingame! Only via Blizz store)

    34 titles: Ambassador - Assistant Professor – Associate Professor – Bane of the Fallen King – Brewmaster – Champion of the Frozen Wastes – Chef – Crusader – Elder – Flame Keeper – Guardian of Cenarius – Jenkins – Loremaster – Matron – Merrymaker – Twilight Vanquisher – of Orgrimmar – of Sen’jin – of Silvermoon – of Thunder Bluff – of the Ashen Verdict – of the Nightfall – of the Undercity – the Argent Champion – the Diplomat – the Exalted – the Explorer – the Hallowed – the Kingslayer – the Love Fool – the Noble – the Patient – the Pilgrim – the Seeker

    More than 25 tabards

    Other notable items: 11 heirlooms, Direbrew’s remote, Ironboot Flask, Orb of Deception, Darkspear Pride, Ring of the Kirin Tor, Titanium seal of Dalaran, Romantic Picnic basket, 1 x Blood of the mountain, Bindings of the windseeker (left one), Time-Lost figurine, Frenzyheart Brew, Chef’s Hat

    Other notable chars:
    Lvl 84 troll shaman: alchemy and herbalism maxed
    Lvl 80 belf hunter: mining maxed + engineering (450). This was a bankalt and has its own guild including 3 tabs.
    Lvl 80 troll priest : tailoring (476) + skinning (450)
    Lvl 80 belf paladin: inscription + enchanting (450)
    Lvl 80 tauren druid: enchanting (487) + lw (450)
    Lvl 68 belf warrior: mining + skinning

    I still have plenty of gold and mats spread out over all my chars.

    Pm for more details/armory etc.

    Price: 150 euro bids, 250 buyout
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