WTS: EU: lvl 85 warrior-mage-druid + lvl 84warlock and more.

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    lvl 85 human mage : gear is ready for heriocs, has little pvp gear but already 2700 conquest points.
    -280% flying mount
    - herbalism lvl 525
    -alchemy lvl 525 (has the epic alchemy trinket)
    - archaeology lvl 525 ( has bone raptor mount, pet and some other stuff)

    lvl 85 night elf warrior: gear is ready zul aman - zul gurub ( 6 epic pieces, heroic mace and ring) and a starting pvp set ( trinket and bloodthirsty set + epic pvp head item)
    -310% flying mount
    - 525 skinning
    -525 gnomish engineering

    lvl 85 druid: gear ready for herioc, has some gear for feral and resto
    -310% flying mount
    -525 mining
    -525 herbalism
    The druid is a real moneymaker

    lvl 84 bloodelf warlock: rested exp to lvl 85, 3 k gold
    -440 tailoring
    -425 enchanting
    lvl 80 tauren shaman: full rested
    lvl 80 human paladin: full rested and has alot of epic lvl 80 gear so it makes it easier to lvl.
    lvl 71 troll rogue + some more lower lvl alts.

    pm your offer
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