WTS: EU: Lvl 85 Spriest, 36kG -Genuine Wow account for sale

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    Hey everyone,

    I played wow for several years and stopped playing about this time last year. Ive decided that since I haven't played in a year or so, id sell my account so someone can use it and id get a bit of money!

    I used a scroll of resserection to go on and get some info for you guys (listed below), have a rough idea of what the account should be worth, so offers here of by PM please.

    This is my ORIGIONAL and PERSONAL wow account, never been sold or traded, never been played by anyone else. There are hundreds of hours played across all my characters (something like 130 days played on the hunter) so there is plenty of high vanilla wow reputations etc (not really worth mentioning individually) I DO NOT have the CD keys, (I shredded them in a recent documents clear-out, sorry). I guess my battle.net account also has original starcraft as well as a bonus

    Account Details:
    Total Gold: 36, 853

    Level 85 Dwarf Priest
    Item level: 355 (shadow gear)
    Achievement points: 4715
    Health (unbuffed): 117,365
    Mana (unbuffed): 84,990
    Gold: 18,598
    Mounts: Blue Drake, Black war bear, Red proto-drake, Swift Zhevra
    Justice Points 1,603
    Jewlcrafting: 525
    Mining: 525
    Fishing: 459
    Cooking: 525
    First Aid: 508
    Archaeology 225

    Level 82 Dwarf Hunter
    Health: 47,116
    Item level: 281
    Gold: 3,322
    Alchemy: 525
    Herbalism: 525
    Mounts: Blue Qiraji Battle Tank, Azure nether wing drake, All alliance faction mounts
    Feats of strength: WoW 4th Anniversary, classic onixia, knight pvp rank,
    Achievement points: 3410
    Gear: Full set of ?striker?s? original Qiraji gear

    Level 38 Worgen Warrior
    Heirloom character: Plate Shoulders, Strength Back, Plate chest, Bloodied archanite reaper, 1x Swift hand of justice, Agility one handed (tanking)
    Gold: 298

    Level 58 Troll Priest (different server)
    Gold: 2001

    Level 1 Bank Character
    Gold: 12, 634
    Heirloom caster Mace

    I also have a second (my original) wow account on the same battle net account. I have a warlock (~level 70) and a couple of level 60?s I got through the recruit a friend system (rogue, warrior).

    Post offers here or contact me by PM. Will accept payment of paypal or direct bank transfer.

    Many Thanks,
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