WTS: EU: lvl 85 holy/tank paladin ilvl 348 average and 5 lvl 80 alts

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    Hello, i am currently selling my wow acount ( real wow account owner) cd key,secret answer etc be provided. And this account contains the following:

    85 blood elf female holy/protection paladin - grim batol realm item lvl of both gears are 348 average ,chooper, the most faster flying, 525 JC,etc very good character

    And now for the alts i have the following:

    80 warrior, 80 warlock ( both humans and males)- turalyon realm
    80 blood elf hunter -burning blade realm
    80 draeney female shaman - Sylvanas realm
    80 blood elf female Priest - Tauren mill realm

    If interested contact me, Note that i do not accept pay pal transfers, only dealing with people who are able to phone and discuss it seriously.

    Thank you
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Thread Status:
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