WTS: EU: level 85 mage, druid and dk + 80 paladin and rest at level 60

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    i have an account which has had alot of time put into it, i am the orginal owner of account and am willing to provide id scan. have previous accounts through ebay and am willing to provide a link to sale feedbacks if nessery.

    my account has over 35,000 gold on it, a personal guild bank.

    there are actually 3 account attached in one the main one which has all expansion on it, a second with expansion up to wolk and a third with just burning crusade.

    characters on the main account as follows:

    level 60 warlock,
    level 60 rouge,
    level 62 priest,
    level 60 warrior,
    level 73 shammy,
    level 80 paladin,
    level 85 druid,
    level 85 dk,
    level 85 mage,

    on the wolk account:

    level 62 hunter

    the druid was my main in wolk and had 11/12 hm on 10 and 25 has over 7000 achviements and loads of mounts ect.

    the mage is the character which i geared up in catalsim, he has an ivl of 355 and is geared as best as he can # beginning raid.

    also between the account i have:

    every wolk heirloom needed to level the rest of the characters to max level,

    max enchanting (on dk), 450 jewelcrafting (dk),
    max herbalism + minning (on mage),
    max engering + 515 leatherworking (on druid)
    max tailoring + max alcehemy (on paladin)
    blacksmithing around 200 (on shammy).

    give me a pm if you want to know more
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