WTS: EU: level 85 Fully Geared Druid and level 85 hunter

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    I am looking to sell my level 85 druid and level 85 hunter account. There is also a level 74 Paladin and a level 63 Mage!! All but the mage have epic flying and the druid has 310% flying. The account also comes with 3.5k gold.

    Has FULL pvp gear for feral inculding 2/5 Vicious and Vicious weapon, ring and back!!
    Also has full heroic tanking gear, full heroic boomkin and full heroic resto gear. All three specs with some epics
    Has a fair few titles and mining at 525! - good for makig more money!

    Has practically full heroic gear, and currently has no proffesions

    As you can tell, the druid is my main character, but ive only really done pvp with him. But also a fair few heroics

    I really need to get rid of this account ASAP so Im selling it for a ridiculously cheap price!! I could easily get £180 on ebay or selling it to a website, but Im willing to sell it quickly for half the price

    Skype: alisianadk
    Or pm me on here for more info
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