WTS: EU: L85 350ilvl Priest + L85 349ilvl Paladin - Azuremyst EU

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    L85 Priest (Draenei) is Shadow/Discipline at the moment. Gear is avg ilvl350. Ready for raiding in Shadow spec, and at least HCs if not raiding in Discipline/Holy. Has hit (+16% gear +1% Draenei racial) and non-hit set. Cataclysm reputations to exalted. 525 Tailoring + 525 Enchanting. 1200+ Valor points.

    L85 Paladin (Human) is Protection/Retribution. Gear is avg ilvl349. Ready to tank raids. 494 Mining + 517 Jewelcrafting. 500+ Valor points.

    Also a L75 Mage on the account.

    Comes with around 40,000 gold and 59-60 days playtime.

    I am the original and only owner if this account. All characters were hand leveled.

    Bids in £GBP please.
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