WTS: EU: Insane in the Membrane Level 85 Orc Death Knight, 9990 achi pts, 385+ ilvl PvE

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    Frost PvE Gear - masterfrost spec

    Additional pictures can be found here.

    the Insane
    the Exalted
    ..and many many more

    Mounts & Pets

    ~310% Mount Speed

    Time-Lost Proto-Drake
    Violet Proto-Drake
    Green Proto-Drake
    Dark Phoenix
    ..100+ mounts and 110 pets

    50 at exalted + title the Exalted

    All PvE heirlooms except for Plate Tank

    Cooking, Archaeology, Fishing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting at 525 including all achievements related to professions excluding Turtles All The Way Down

    low level Paladin on the same realm as Death Knight, more alts including a level 85 mage and a couple of others 50+ alts on a different realm (note: no gold/gear on that realm!)

    Alliance alt parked at the neutral AH for transferring alliance pets/cooking recipes for sale on horde AH

    Around 37k, plenty of mats and vanity items from archaeology in the bank

    390 ilvl of best available gear
    p4t13 raidfinder DPS gear (Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps raid finder version for Unholy, Obsidium Cleaver for frost)
    p2t13 raid finder for Blood tanking/solo spec


    A social level 25 guild on a highly populated realm (horde)

    What you get;

    - All available WoW CD Keys (I bought Cataclysm via bnet as digital download so no CD key for it)
    - WoW login, secret question and answer
    - Complete access to the original gmail account used to create this WoW account (including security question and answer - you get complete control over the account)
    - in short: you get absolutely everything to make this account permanently yours.
    - I am the original owner of this account and the only one with access to it.

    Offers welcome via PM on this site, I'm thinking around 200eur - #!
    I accept paypal / bank transfer and possibly more, PM me and I'm sure we can find a way that suits us both.
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