WTS: EU: Imba wow account for RS gold

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    85 Enh/restro preist 2/5 ruth + 2.1k point challenger title + lots of Rbg title has Albino mount + Raven lord mount

    85 priest full vic + 2200 ach in 2s 2200 in 3s nearly has arena master + skelton raptor + motor bike + netherwing drake

    85 mage with nearly full vic

    85 war full vic

    81 hunter

    81 dk

    i am OO ive traded # but never worked out because always been hacked back LF decent trade just for alot amount of RS gold not scammer if i get a nice price you can have forever as im tired of WOW and moving to runescape with my IRL friends pm me.
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Thread Status:
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