WTS: EU: IMBA pala account and priest account

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    pala: 11k achiv point. Got 76 mount, include invincible, ZAM bear , ZG tigar , sand stone drake, west wind drake,Raven Lord, x53 rocket and all the achiv mount. Loads imba title include hand of Al dar, arena master, vanquiser. Gear include full set t2 2.5 5 6 7 8 Thunderfury & Shadowmourne. Now on 4set T11 and rest 372 iteam level gear
    Price is GBP 950

    priest:9.6k achive point . 68 mount, include invincible, Swift Spectral Tiger, blue rocket, x53 rocket, chicken mount, Swift White Hawkstrider, turtle mount and all the achiv mount 120+ pets.Gear 362 iteam levels
    Price is GBP 850

    perfer UK buyer, selling these 2 account because we need to go back to our country , cant play wow eu there because of lag. I have sold some warhammer account and wow account here # , you can go and check the history.!! pm if you interested
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