WTS: EU: I wat to sell DK 364 ilvl and Shaman 348 server Dragonmaw

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    Like title is saying im selling lvl 85 DK on server Dragonmaw.
    There is also lvl 85 shaman on server Dragonmaw .
    About gears..
    Dk have ilvl full epic dmg gear, full epick tank gear, and almost full epict pvp gear.


    Shaman has pve/pvp healer gear with some epics..


    About professions:
    DK have 497 enchanting and 505 leatherworking for bracer enchant 130 str
    Shaman have skining and herbalism.
    About other crap:
    epic riding skill + cold feather on all chars.. main have 51 mounts with scorpion, fenix mount.. and some rare mount from rep and dungeons..
    There is over 11k gold on account + many other things.
    Important Details:
    Contact me at [email protected] email (about the sell only) price is 190 euro.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.