WTS: EU: I sell 5xlvl85 char.

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    I would like to sell my wow account. Some of them have some rare mounts/companions
    What i have in store in this account:

    Aliance: - Drainei shaman lvl 85 (357ilvl) Skining525 leatherw 510
    - Night Elf Death kngiht lvl 85 ( low gear ) Alchemy 508 herbalism 525
    +5k gold
    Horde: -Blood elf Priest lvl 85 ( ilvl 341) iscript 525 herbalism 501
    - Undead warlock lvl 85 ( ilvl 358) Tailoring/mining 525
    - 62 troll druid
    - 53 orc warrior
    Bloodscalp: - Blood elf hunter lvl 85 ( ilvl 358) mining 525 enchanting 520

    Ragnaros :
    - Human mage lvl 74

    Contact info:
    msn: dan.e.2@hotmail
    add me and we can talk about the price
    (dont want to trade to ANYTHING)
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