WTS: EU: Hunter ilvl361 (pve)

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    Hunters exp -

    Everything in TBC cleared

    Everything in WOTLK cleared. I have Light of Dawn title and achievements such as yogg25 0 keepers.

    Catacyslm I have 12/12 normal cleared with 4 heroics + glory of the catacyslm raider + mount. I'm full epic with 3 bits of 372 gear with 4 piece tier.

    I'm exalted with most cata factions, my characters gear has bis enchants and gems.

    I have various mounts such as Raven Lord etc

    I've put ALOT of time into this Hunter so I'm excpeting a fair price to sell.

    You can contact me at [email protected] where I will give you the armoury link to my character and more info.

    Prices - I'm starting bids at 400 euro.
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