WTS: EU: huge acc! 3 85's 7 80's

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    Hey there so after 4 years it's time to say goodbye!

    I got a big account EU horde mainly (3 80's ally). Original owner.

    3 85's: pala (light of dawn) is the main full 3 specc gear , sham - enhance/resto and a hunter all pve all 350-355 ilvl

    I got 7 more 80's wotlk gear - enjoy every class in the game

    55k gold

    charcs and especially the 3 85 got dual specc air mounts ability (pala 310%.a lot has 280%)most charcs have full professions also a lot of heirlooms

    titles mounts achievements and other fun details inside for you to discover or ask me that will take too long to specify here

    Talk to me for more information or to make an offer
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