WTS: EU: HOT - 366mage/363druid/360war

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    Hi. EU account with 3 x 85 (mage, warrior, druid); and a few alts (70 twink DK, 2 lowbies).

    The main character the mage. 366itl.
    Has 9/13 hc bosses killed. >>> Dragonslayer + Blackwings Bane!!!! <<<
    5/5 tier (3 hc tier), 7 hc pieces (more to come this week).
    Tailoring + Skinning 525. 60+ mounts.
    6000 achievement points.
    Less than 40 days /played!!!
    Ready to pull top DPS on all fights.

    The main ALT char is the Druid. 363itl.
    Has 5/13 hc bosses killed.
    Currently Resto / Feral (bear).
    Resto - 2set tier // Feral -3set tier. Resto 2x372 gear // Feral 1x372 gear.

    The 2nd ALT char is the Warrior. 360itl.
    Has 12/12 normal.
    Has 3set tier (maybe 4 set this week if I am lucky :P) + 2h AXE off chogall.
    Arms PVE + Arms PVP specced.

    Also have a 70 twink DK with sunwell BiS loot + brutal gear.
    A 66 priest, 56 warlock.
    A heirloom bank with most heirlooms in the game.

    If you are interested let me know.
    This is an excellent account and you can get into any guild you want with a decent apply.
    Been in a top 100 world guild with my mage. Can't say name for privacy :P.

    I would prefer to sell this account as a whole, but it may be possible to sell each character 1by1.

    +++ I am original Owner +++
    ++ All transfers are up ++
    +++ PM ME NOW +++
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