WTS: EU: Holydin With Tabard of the LightbringerMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Hereby i'm selling my Holydin, level 85
    i got him since TBC and has titles like:

    Salty, Chamion of the naaru, justicar (most important ones)

    Has alof ot rare mounts, like Raptor from ZG, tiger from ZG
    Also rare pets, like oozeling, firefly, and chopper, and much more

    And also has Tabart of the Lightbringer! and Sylvanas music box.

    Its a human male paladin

    hes currently in ruth\vicous gear, has about 4k gold on it

    its proffs are engi maxed, and JC at about 510.

    My account also has a: 82 human male warrior, 85 undead priest (fully pvp geared ruth and vic with stoneguard title), a 85 rogue ruth\vic geared with mek chopper

    looking for serious offers, thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.