WTS: EU: Holy Priest 85 ilvl 334

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    85 Holy Night Elf Priest for sale. Account upgraded to Cataclysm. 1 alt (29 balance druid):

    Health: 104k
    Mana: 65k

    Strenght - 42
    Agility - 58
    Stamina - 4404
    Intellect - 2985
    Spirit - 2270

    Mining - 525
    Enchanting - 488
    Archeology - 380

    Abyssal Seahorse
    Swift Frostsaber
    Spotted Frostsaber
    Snowy Gryphon
    Swift Blue Gryphon

    Fosillized Hatchling
    Mr. Wiggles
    Tiny Flamefly
    Winter's Little Helper

    Average item level: 334

    Achievement points: 1680

    Flight master's license
    Cold weather flying
    Artisant riding

    For other information write: deleted or AIM: deleted

    I have verified PayPal account
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