WTS: EU: holy paladin(85) resto druid(85) mage(85) <-- horde

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    Hey all, im done with wow now, waiting for gw2. Selling my account which i been playing on for many years.

    1. Main holy paladin .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-44044.html
    2. Alt resto dodo, .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-44045.html
    3. alt mage .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-44046.html

    4. There is also WOLTK geared dk(80)
    5. Fresh 80 Warrior
    6. 60 warlock twink
    7. many lowbs

    My pally is the most well-known pally on the realm so you will not have any problems to find arena partners to play with.

    Mail me at eddey1-1611@hotmail not using msn at all.

    Oh account is frozen atm, can present screenies from each of these chars.
    I logged last time like week ago with the 7 days trial, so the trial is gone.
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