WTS: EU: Hc Geared 85 Orc Dk plWTS: US: alts .

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    Im the original owner of the account , i am ready to handover the original vanilla cd key aswell as the secret question and awser to the question.

    Main is a level 85 dk fully hc geared nearly raid ready , with maxed out mining , 475 jcing and 450 cooking , archeology and fishing are at around 100 , the char has over 14k gold on him , every single level of riding including the 310 % mastery .
    The highest alt is a level 63 warrior thats used to be a level 60 twink with honor gear set level 60 .
    Theres then multiple alts in the level 18-24 range with a ton of heirlooms wich cover mostly all classes.
    The toons are all on Chamber of Aspects, they wont show up on the armory because they have been inactive for quite some time.
    Price , 250 USD trough paypal or neteller , although the price is #, if interested pm me and ill provide extra info.
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