WTS: EU: Geared Mage and priest. 6 total 85's plWTS: US: more

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    Firstly, sorry for the other threads I posted which started with a number and didn't work. Took me a while to find out not to do that. Onto the account.

    I'm the original owner. I know the secret question/answer. Account was made through RAF referal so I don't think that I have the original game CD key, but do have BC and wrath CD keys.

    All characters are on the same server. PvE - Dragonblight.

    85 Human F Mage Artisan flying Everything is gemmed and enchanted
    iLevel 354 with no pvp gear. 525 Tailoring and Engineering (current BEST proffessions for raiding mage). Hit capped for raid bosses. capable of 14k+ dps selfbuffed on heroic dummy. Headless horseman's mount, swift white hawkstrider, 3k achiev points, 486 cooking. 3000 jp 150 vp 115 tol barad commendations.
    Anonymous Level 85 Human Mage Profile | MaskedArmory

    85 Human F Priest Artisan flying Heroic geared and enchanted for Discipline
    iLevel 348 with no pvp gear. 525 Engineering and 509 Enchanting. Has Tyrande's favorite doll from archaeology. rare to find. Also shares Ring of the boy emperor with mage. No real special mounts or titles. 100 tol barad commendations.
    Anonymous Level 85 Human Priest Profile | MaskedArmory

    85 Night elf F Warrior Master Flying (310%) Poorly cata geared, not enchanted
    iLevel 318. Wearing much gear from wrath. 525 Jewelcrafting, 525 Alchemy. Realm first! Illustrious Jewelcrafter + Vial of the sands recipe plus many more FoS. 6760 Achievement points. 22 Different titles including Crusader, Ambassador, Associate professor. 76 Mounts, including Travelers Tundra Mammoth, Mekgineers Chopper, Argent Warhorse, Fossilized raptor, headless horsemans mount, all netherwing drakes, X-53 Touring Rocket(2 seater flying mount). Other stuff such as left Bindings of the windseeker, archaeology rares(15 total) plus fun transformation items ect.
    side profs - 525 archaeology, cooking. 464 fishing, 468 first aid. Over 75 companion pets.

    85 Night elf F Druid Artisan Flying
    iLevel 325. Almost ready for heroics. Geared as Moonkin. 525 Alchemy and 425 Leatherworking. No unique mounts/titles.

    85 Draenei F Shaman Artisan flying
    iLevel 331. Geared as Enhancement. Some gear for restoration in bags too. Has Claws of Agony/Claws of Torment. No professions leveled other than 525 Archaeology. Fossilized Raptor.. 8 companions.

    85 Human F Paladin Artisan Flying
    iLevel 337, Geared for Prot. Ready to tank heroics. 525 Engineering, 503 Jewelcrafting. Lots of assorted gear in bank for ret and holy if you want to play those instead. has Mekgineers chopper and no unique titles..

    80 Human F Rogue Artisan Flying
    Nothing too special about this char. ready for questing through cataclysm. 305 Blacksmithing.

    66 Human F Warlock Regular riding
    Full heirlooms including both trinkets, robe and shoulders with ZG enchant, also heirloom cape from guild reward. and heirloom staff with 30 sp enchant.

    63 Draenei F Death Knight Regular riding
    Full enchanted heirlooms. 353 engineering.

    71 Orc M Hunter Regular riding
    again full heirlooms. shoulders/chest/range/trinkets and back. 411 engineering, 165 inscription. some pvp gear.

    17k gold total across the entire acc.

    every heirloom item except ring/leather shoulders/ lava dredger/devout hammer and the helms. perfect if you want to level a new char. have some pvp heirloom weapons but not all.

    account has not once been suspended. all characters have good reputation on the server and never ninja'd or done anything stupid involving hacks.

    can provide screenshots if requested.

    MM required. Paypal only accepted if you're a trusted buyer. PM with questions or offers.

    ty for looking
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