WTS: EU: Full Tier 2 85 Druid account with mage priest hunter

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    This account has a full Tier 2 Druid.

    The priest mage hunter are all 85 with gear

    The priest has full vicious and so does the hunter and the mages gear is mainly bloodthirsty with one vicious Item all of which have the weapons. All have max riding skill except the mage who has 280% instead of 310%.

    Professions. Priest has max skill Herbalism/Inscription *(Good farming character)
    Hunter Has Max Skill Engineering and 177 mining skill but can be incrased easily.
    Mage Engineering 450 and Tailoring 450
    Druid Alchemy 510 and Enchanting at 417

    The account has a total amount of gold on it of roughly 13k

    The account has some rare titles and old school gear across the characters some of which include Hand of Adal

    A few rare drop flying mounts like the black drake, and the ulduar ach drake.

    If you buy the account you will recieve the full account including secret question and answer etc.

    If your interested in buying the account and wish to talk more with me about it contact me at alewy123@gmail

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