WTS: EU: Firelord holy paladin (385 ilevel), incl. Rag heroic Firehawk

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    Hey there everyone,

    I recently ran bored with World of Warcraft, so I'm putting my account on the market hoping to gain something out of it after over 6 years of playing.

    General info
    - I know the answer to my secret question
    - I'm the original owner of the account

    - I have 42000 gold on my main character
    - I have all heirloom items
    - All character are available for transfer

    My main character
    All info about my paladin can be found here: .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-54706.html

    Screenshot of my paladin: imageshack.us/photo/my-images...otpaladin.jpg/

    Screenshot of my paladin on the firehawk: imageshack.us/photo/my-images...adinmount.jpg/

    My alts
    I have one alt really worth mentioning, which is my mage. The rest of the alts can be found in the login screen, the first screenshot of my paladin.

    All info about my mage: .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-54712.html

    Contact info
    You can contact me on Thum21@hotmail

    You can mail me an offer, should you have any questions you can also contact me on the above email address. If you feel the need for a live conversation, I can talk on Ventrilo.

    Payment will be done through Paypal.

    Thanks for reading and hoping to hear from you
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