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    Looking to sell my Warcraft account as I have little interest in playing it anymore. It has 4 85's and various alts with an array of heirlooms. I will post links to the armories of all the 85's and can post the alts on request.

    Gnome Warrior
    Orc Warlock
    Undead Rogue
    Gnome Priest

    Armory links will be given if requested.

    Also on the account
    70 Troll Shaman
    52 Worgen Druid
    49 Human Hunter
    29 Dwarf Rogue (Twink)
    8 Dranei Paladin

    Each with heirlooms.

    I am open to all serious offers, just PM me and I hope we can come to a deal.
    All the best, Nathan.

    Any further information just send me a message
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