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    Im selling my WoW-EU account, because I?m quitting the game. I toroughly enjoy the game, however due to personal reasons I have to quit.

    I am the genuine owner of the account:
    -Account and password will be provided
    -Secret question will be provided
    -Authenticator will be removed as soon as we agree on the purchase
    -All games were bought online, I have no copies of the keys lying around.
    -the mail used to log into the game is not in personal use. You will attain full access to the mail too(including secret Q)
    -Starcraft2 is also bound to the account will be yours aswell

    My account harbors 4 Level 85 Character:


    *Gear, Professions, All achievements, titles, mounts and reputations are visable*
    Level 85 Priest(ilvl 396) - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-64027.html

    5/8 Dragonsoul HEROIC achievement
    The character also holds 50k gold, a lot of enchanting mats, plenty of consumeables for raiding and materials for crafting. Because the realm transfer gold limit is 50k gold, this character also holds 2 Mechano Hogs(unused, BoE, .wowhead/item=41508, each worth ~17k gold) which are easy to sell.

    Level 85 Warrior(ilvl 388) - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-64028.html

    Level 85 Rogue(ilvl 356) - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-64029.html

    Level 85 Hunter(ilvl 331) - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-64030.html

    Payment via Paypal preferred. Contact me via mail, Ewout89sam@hotmail, or add me on skype, add me as Ohnomnomnom, if you are interested.
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