WTS: EU: EU- Priest 9k+ achi points for paypal / RS GP

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    So i'm selling my wow account because im going quit wow and start rs again.

    My priest got 100+ mounts (cool mounts: travellers tundra mammut, chopper, grand ice mammut,Zuljian tiger, swift white hawkstrider.)
    It got also 75+ minipets

    Cool feasts it got: Immortal,Undying,Tribute insanity, and 32 another feats

    Also it got anethema (cool 60 lvl priest weapon)

    Account got also 20k cash

    It got enchanting and tailoring 525

    His pvp gear ilvl: 357
    Heal pve gear ilvl: 345
    Shadow pve gear ilvl: 351

    It also got 2 twinks on account and few alts 60-78

    here is armors and others:

    What i want from account: Paypal / RSGP ( NO accounts)
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