WTS: EU: [EU]Goblin MAGE 3.7K achievement points+Amani Bear and more.

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    The topic says all.I want to sell my own mage(original owner) with item level of 370.Got Enchanting and Tailoring professions with all possible recipes for them + tons (ALOT OF) materials for crafting etc.Along with mats and alot of old school items ,mage comes with over 10 000 gold in the bank and its currently stated as social in guild which is ranked world 72 Worldwide and my main is officer there so i can help if the buyer wants to continue on the same realm.
    Mage comes with quite nice full PVE + Some PVP gear.


    Riding skill 375-310% speed.
    Amani Battle Bear
    Flameward Hyppogriph
    All possible flying carpets from tailoring
    3 Mammoths
    Black war bear
    X-53 Touring Rocket (2 seat mount + FOS)
    Brewfest Ram and so on...

    Im on my way to legendary staff (have embers)

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