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    !NOTE! Cash First !NOTE!
    Attempted to Scam me so far: Shenghu

    After a few years of playing World of Warcraft (WoW) i have decided to give up, as Raiding is not the same anymore, with the huge Q's And i have no time to be playing anymore.

    Contact Me:
    Skype: Joshylong23
    Steam: DutyBound
    XFire: (Come back Later)
    Email me: Joshylong1971@gmail

    Main Character
    Name: Parietis / Latin for Wall
    Level: 85
    Race: Orc
    Faction: Horde
    Gender: Male
    Realm: Vashj
    Armory: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/v ... tis/simple

    Celestial Steed - £20 From Blizzard Store ( On all characters, Even new alts )
    Vicious Legs, Hands, 2H Axe
    6k Gold
    Name: Phazon
    Level: 85
    Race: Human
    Faction: Alliance
    Gender: Male
    Realm: Emeriss
    Armory: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/e ... zon/simple

    Vicious 2H Hammer
    2k Gold
    Name: Kyronite
    Level: 82 (Will Level To 85 if Requested, Small Fee)
    Race: Gnome
    Faction: Alliance
    Gender: Female
    Realm: Emeriss
    Armory: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/e ... ite/simple

    1k Gold
    Priest - Level 41 (Dual Spec)
    Druid - Level 30 (Dual Spec)
    Mage - Level 36 (Dual Spec)
    Hunter - Level 30 (Dual Spec)
    Paladin - Level 67 (Dual Spec)
    Bind on Account (BoA)
    2 Sets are Mail to Plate
    1 Set of Cloth
    2 2H Axes
    1 Staff
    1 Mace

    After checking a few Websites (4), Working out at: £250.92
    This can be done Two ways

    1) £250 Worth of WoW gold Delivered to my New Account
    2) Best Offer, Gets Account
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