WTS: EU: [EPIC][Paypal/RSGP/Rsacc]WTS: EU: Druid 361 Ilvl![Cheap]

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    Im trading/selling/rsgp my level 85 Resto/Feral druid for a high level 130+ or any other half decent account with high skills, money or a pure.
    The account has several high level characters on it including a;
    Druid which has average ilvl360 gear
    It has a full pvp geared resto set mainly viscous
    Full geared pve resto set missing 2 epic items
    Full gear feral tank set with around 10 epics
    Glory of the ulduar raider 25
    Glory of the Icecrown raider 25
    11/12 Current content missing al'akir
    Raiding member of one of the oldest and top guild on the server
    Over 20 titles
    Master flying 310%
    Bosses like algalon done
    450+ enchanting and jewelcrafting



    83 Prot/Ret Paladin Epic Flier (280%) and maxed Profs

    80 Orc Male Arms/Fury/Prot Warrior

    80 Elemental Shaman Epic Flier (280%)

    76 Blood Death Knight

    72 Marksman Hunter

    And other assorted 1-70 alts.


    Don't be scared to pm me on the website, or use my skype and msn
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