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    Want to sell 7/13 heroic progression shaman, with item level 362 and 4 heroic raid items. Shaman is 4/5 Tier11 since it's equipped with heroic Helm of Nether Scion which is currently the best helm for elemental/restoration in game at the moment.

    Has 360 item level off-spec (restoration gear too) with healing heroic items also. Also, has 2200 resilience, restoration PVP gear.

    Alchemy: 525
    Jewlcrafting: 525

    Currently top raiding professions.

    Also, there are 2 items (mount and pet) from blizzard store there.
    Lil Ragnaros & Spectral horse

    Character is ready to join any high rated guild since I've been playing in one till recent. Is exalted with all the Cataclysm factions and has all the possible enchants at the moment.

    Account is registered on my name, address, ID and such. Is ready for transfer, name or race change and similar.

    All in all, it is really more than great character and I've spent hours and hours of wiping and raiding to get him what he has.

    You could easily get into any level 25 guild by applying anywhere.
    I suggest changing the character name since I'm pretty much known on the server where I was.

    You can contact me via private message with your offer. Will only accept serious offers.
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