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    Hi , first of all im just curious for how much this wel sell so PM me ur bids

    First the druid (Female Night Elf)
    6245 Achievement points
    32 Companions (including rare ones like Snarly and Phoenix Hatchling)
    48 Mounts (Ulduar25 drake New Amani Bear Chopper Nether rays Headless horseman's White Hawkstrider)
    Bloodsail Admiral/Light of Dawn/Bane of the Fallen King/ Challenger
    Engineering/JC proffesions
    Also full Cooking and high level fishing

    Now the Rogue (Undead Male)
    5555 Achievement points
    57 Companions
    59 Mounts ( Riding Talbuk's Green and Red protodrake Swift Zulian tiger White Polar bear RaF 2seating flying mount)
    Hero of the Zalander Tribe ( Feat of Strength )
    Bloodsail Admiral
    Tabard of Argent Dawn (cant get this anymore)
    Competitor's Tabard (2008 event tabard cant get this anymore)

    Druid has arround 20/25tittles
    Rogue has like 10

    Taking serious bids only can link armory's if trusted and asked in PM

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