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    Today I'm selling my WoW account. I'm selling because I need money for a project and I hardly have any time to play actively anymore because of school starting in 2 weeks...(That is more important to me now

    The character is a worgen druid, lvl 85, it's on the EU server Darksorrow Alliance. I am the original owner and the account is from 2009. It has over 3k ach points and some of the mounts are:

    X-53 Rocket, RAF Mount
    The Exalted Camel mount
    The Sandstone drake, double flying drake mount, worth 52,5k on my server!

    Lvl 60 Mage (Fully Heirloom geared)
    Lvl 60 Rouge
    Lvl 40 Warlock
    Lvl 19 Twink Hunter
    + some more lvl 10-30

    The druid is ready for PvP and PvE, it's has lots of vicious gear with good gems. Last season we had 2000+ rating in both 2v2 and 3v3, my partner has quitted playing so I did not continue doing serious arena. The druid is feral PvP and feral PvE(But does have decent healing gear for resto PvE.) The character also have over decent PvE feral gear, but the new owner would have to do some dungeon work to get it better gear for raiding. But I can do all heroics and most heroic raids without any major problems. The DPS On This Kitty Is Sick!

    Armoryx link: .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/8250993

    I do have all the cd keys from Vanilla to Cataclysm and I can show you the character over TV if you are interested.
    Offers please and PM if you want to know what kind of a price range I'm thinking of

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